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October 29
Oom Unit 1 cabin will be situated at Victoria Square, Adelaide, as part of The New New, curated by the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia. The cabin will function as recording studio and Andy Best’s painting studio, whose photographic works (taken in Wales and the Broc√©liande Forest in Northern France, where Oom’s teacher Merlin was said to live) will be shown in the main 200 North Terrace venue. Exhibition runs until November 21.


September 9

Oom at ‘Primavera’, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. Curated by Jeff Kahn. Includes launch of website, Oom Unit 1 cabin, and a commissioned text by Robert Cook, curator at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Exhibition runs until November 11.
August 15 – 16

Oom cabin building workshop. See the event page to become involved.

April 29

Oom Australia launch, Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide. Includes a commissioned text by Jon Fawcett. Exhibition runs until May 24.